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another great partner

Charlie Fuller has developed THE training programs for undercover officers.  They should be mandatory for anyone working undercover.  


This 3-5 day program is designed specifically for law enforcement personnel.

Systematic Interviewing

A three day program of interviewing technics for non-law enforcement personnel.

Rapport Building

This one day program explores personality typology and communication styles to enhance interaction. 





Social Media Research

Steven A Rhoads, Ph.D., inc offers social media benchmarking and shopper experience assessment.

Detecting Danger

Our program for law enforcement officers identifying the subconscious indicators of violence.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses.

Our Affliate

We have partnered with CATLET in order to provide the widest variety of courses conducted by subject matter experts.

peer support training

This forty hour course is designed to prepare law enforcement officers to be peer support partners.

A COMPREHENSIVE MENU OF Training courses & affiliations

Detecting Deception

This one-three day program is designed to educate the attendee in verbal and non-verbal indicators of lying. 

Body Language

This one-three program explores a head-to-toe definition of the meanings of non-verbal leakage. 

Mystery Shopping

Steven A Rhoads, Ph.D., inc uses unbiased third-party shoppers to gather actionable data for you.