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This 1-3 day program was created to educate our professional responders on the verbal and non-verbal indicators of danger or violence.  it is intended to prevent the necessity of force but when action is necessary articulate the factors that were present warranting the activation of a use of force continuum

to learn more about this program for criminal justice and school personnel or to examine more explicit statistics about the violence our police and teachers face visit our web site

When an individual is faced with a "fight or Flight" situation there is an immediate stimulation of the Amygdala, or aggression center of the limbic system located within the brain.  This activation of the amygdala creates instantaneous biological and physiological changes that may be visible and articulable prior to violent actions occurring.  through the awareness of this subconscious leakage attempts may be made to diffuse the situation or prepare for action

Approximately every 53 hours a law enforcement officer gives their life in the line of duty, every 6.6  hours one of our officers is assaulted!

In our schools 8% of teachers have been threatened with assault by a student.  4.3% have been assaulted by a student.  500 educators have been killed by a student in the past twenty years 

*This includes:  Police, Corrections, Probation and Parole, Prosecutors, Firefighters, and active duty military serving in enforcement or intelligence.  We have a variation of this program for our educators and school personnel


program is for Active criminal



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