* Criminal Justice is defined as: Police, Corrections, Probation and Parole, Prosecutors, Arson Investigators, Firefighters and active duty militaty personnel involved in enforcement or the intelligence service

This topic is similar to eating a steak, there's not ONE kind, the more you try the more satisfied you become.  Your organization and personnel will benefit not from having one approach but a variety of ways to accomplish the goals of investigation.  To learn more about how you can bring this unique manner of gathering and evaluating information to your department or personnel

Formulate questions and use specific question types so that maximum information might be gained from each situation

Manipulate proxemics for utmost benefits

Learn how to use their posture and communication style for maximum results

Be able to quickly and accurately identify the personality and subconscious modality of individuals.  With this knowledge they will create themes and statements to overcome denials and defenses in the information gathering process that are peculiar to the individual being questioned

Understand legal issues and considerations regarding interviewing and interrogation

upon completion our students will:

Our forty hour program was created in 1978 by then Detective Rhoads as an innovative approach to interview and/or interrogate in a manner capitalizing on the leakage of the subconscious mind.  Rather than a shotgun approach commonly used to develop themes and cooperation this technique relies on very specific themes and approaches geared explicitly to the subconscious wants and needs  of the individual

Successfully gather information and evaluate the accuracy of data collected using very definitive processes of interview and interrogation

Recognize non-verbal communication and the role it plays in the communication process

Comprehend key verbal words or phrases that assist in determining deception or involvement in individuals

Utilize conscious and subconscious rapport building to create either a positive or negative environment as necessary

The ability to successfully gather information from victims and/or witnesses is the corner stone of the law enforcement profession.  Without good interview skills crimes go unsolved, victims never recover stolen property and criminal activity continues unabated.  To garner information from a suspect in an ethical and professional manner is essential to our overall mission as investigators

This program for criminal justice only*

Valid Departmental ID is required to attend

Subconscious Communication® for Interview and interrogation

Subconscious Communication®