How to use themes based upon an individual's very specific subconscious wants and needs for motivation and/or employee counseling

Techniques that capture the attention of a listener(s) by using definitive approaches that immediately open the evaluative aspect of  Subconscious Communication®  

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At the end of the day our participants will have discovered:

Their personality type and their communication style

How these critical areas impact rapport building and gain tools to meet the communication needs of others

Their subconscious modality type and learn how to change verbage and presentation style to maximize the understanding of those with whom they are communicating

* can be delivered in a two-day format tailored specifically for your employees

Our program is designed to put into place the pieces of Subconscious Communication® in order to effectively use the keys of individual motivation and satisfaction to improve the morale of employees and to improve relationships with the members of your organization 

Through this one-day* presentation our students will gain an insight into their personality/communication style and how it impacts interaction with others.  The goal is to avoid "personality Conflicts" and the frequent miscommunication that inhibits rapport building and consensus building

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge that will improve communication/ interaction with others

Rapport building and

interpersonal communication

Subconscious Communication®