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Assess Personality and use key words, themes, and interview approaches specific to the individual

Recognize human defense mechanisms, emotions and overcome these attempts in the interview

Utilize a systematic interview approach that examines information stored in each lobe of the brain

Evaluate verbal communication and overcome key words of deception or evasion

Recognize body language indicators of deception, guilt, or anxiety and how to utilize these emotions

Formulate questions and approaches that capitalizes on the subconscious needs and wants of others

Gain subconscious rapport with others and develop confident techniques for successful interaction

At the conclusion of the training our attendees will have discovered how to:

Insurance Investigators

Private Investigators

Security Personnel

Human Resource Managers

ANYONE who wants to learn how to more efficiently gather data in an interview setting

who should attend


Our students

This three day interactive program of instruction is intended for individuals tasked with interviewing people accused of an allegation of misconduct or a criminal offense. The focus is on gaining information by capitalizing on subconscious awareness to overcome defense mechanisms guilty parties utilize and to better evaluate truth and veracity of verbal and non-verbal statements made to the interviewer.  It is a systematic approach for gaining information in an articulable fashion that is ethical and able to withstand legal and organizational challenges to the technique.  

Systematic Interviewing

Subconscious Communication® Training